Meet the Lavender Menace Family


Drawing of Sid

Here we have Sid, our un-heroic hero. He may not be afraid to work it when necessary, but he is not anyone's toy. Fiercely loyal to few, deeply cynical to many, this snowflake has sharp edges.


Drawing of Marty

Player, pretty boy, and, of course, life the of the party. Sid and Marty seem inseparable, but that is always for the best.

Burning Lambda

Drawing of Burning Lambda

As time passes (don't ask how much, we'll get to that later), and our little Sid grows up, enter Lambda, freedom fighter, libertine, and any fascist's worst nightmare. He leads the resistance with an iron fist, and so much love, that they're willing to do whatever he asks.

The world fell apart as it got hotter and hotter each day. Petty fascist dictators have carved up what was left of the world into little kingdoms. Lambda is determined to put the pieces back together—or die trying.

Drowning Lambda

Drawing of Drowning Lambda

Time is a tricky thing. There are lots of possible futures—and lots of different Lambdas.

In this version of reality, the world did not fall apart. It came together, Lambda served as the glue and now, aligned with the Child of Heaven, leading the Pax Sinica Corps, he is the greatest force for order in the world. He is also utterly miserable, trapped, and drowning in doubt about what he's created and who he really is.


Drawing of Midnight

Mysterious and enigmatic as the name suggests, this quietly brilliant individual is the driving force behind the Meta-Mattachines, a shadowy vigilante network dedicated to evening the score.


Drawing of Anthony

One might assume he's simply the brawn to Midnight's brain, but one couldn't be further from the truth. It's safer to say he's the heart and moral compass of the Meta-Mattachines. He's also great at finding and nurturing talent, in all its many forms.